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  • Melissa Arostegui

Plants and Drills Oh My!

When I paint a still life, there is typically a story behind it. A couple of years ago, I began pairing up objects that are considered masculine or feminine in my paintings. As strange as this looks in my paintings, I wanted to convey a story. There were moments in my life when I heard comments about women not being able to do something because it is what men do. As ridiculous as this sounded to me, I decided to paint about it. Some stories are my own and some are stories other women told me. This painting is about my mom. My mom loved plants/flowers and gardening. But when she wasn't gardening, you could catch her with power tools fixing or building something. Once she tried her hand at electrical work and ran into an issue so she called an electrician. The electrician made a comment that women are not supposed to be electricians. Ha!


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