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About Melissa Arostegui

Melissa Arostegui's artistic journey was ignited during her formative years, where her deep-rooted fascination with narratives, form, and color began to mold her creative path. She meticulously studied everyday objects in her early drawings and found joy in storytelling, even crafting a mock newspaper as a child. In college, her art was profoundly influenced by the works of artists like Elizabeth Murray, Alex Katz, and David Hockney, which is unmistakably reflected in her bold portraits and whimsical still life paintings.

After earning her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Melissa ventured into the art world, showcasing her talents in various exhibitions across Illinois. Notably, she held a solo exhibition at the Mission Gallery in Elgin, entitled "A Place She Calls Her Own." Her participation in events like Bare Walls at the Art Institute of Chicago and other exhibitions nationwide further solidified her presence in the art community. Melissa's artwork also garnered attention beyond gallery walls, with features in Art & Beyond magazine and her work proudly displayed on a banner on the streets of West Chicago.

Recent group exhibitions have showcased Melissa's work, including "Chromatic Convergence" at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, "Refreshing Feminism" at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago, and "Evolve.Women.Wisdom" at Long Hall Gallery in West Hollywood, California. Her art continues to captivate and inspire audiences with its unique blend of narrative, form, and color.

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