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Boxing Gloves and Flowers

These two Objects do not go together or do they? One time during a critique, I shared a very large painting of cars in traffic. Someone said that they were surprised by my painting. They expected that I would paint flowers and on a much smaller scale. Ok... I get that I am short and female but, really? LOL. I have come across so many gender stereotypes that make me want to vomit. But seriously, anytime I hear comments like that, I want to do the opposite. So of course I am going to paint large and paint objects that are supposedly "masculine." These comments sparked my still life series on gender stereotypes. I deliberately pair up what is seen as "masculine objects" with "feminine objects." This painting shows a pair of boxing gloves I got as a Christmas gift when I was a child and I sat them next to a vase of flowers that I am supposed to be painting, apparently LOL. Got to love it!


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